Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    The construct validation of a questionnaire of social and cultural capital, and its application to foreign language learning            0000-00-00
2    analysis of (Pre-marital) social network of mate selection and its effect on marital satisfaction    M.Sc.    ,    0000-00-00
3    Analysis of factors affecting the survival of the membership of the local community council in Mashhad            0000-00-00
4    Skill-based empowerment of women workers: a qualitative study in Mashhad residential centers            0000-00-00
5    unemployment and crime in Iran (meta-analysis of studies)            0000-00-00
6    interdisciplinary co-authorship networks in humanities            0000-00-00
7    Comparative study of social empowerment and tendency to smoking and academic performance in Iranian and non Iranian students of Ferdowsi University of Mashhad            0000-00-00
8    The Stability Of Population in Rural Habitations of Mashhad With Focus on Diversification Approach to Economic Activities.    Ph.D    ghasemi, maryam    2009-01-29
9    The importance of native components to enter primary school curriculum    M.Sc.    Jalayeri llaeen, Zinat    2010-04-13
10    The amount of cultural sensitivity curriculum of educational science and psychology    M.Sc.    sepandar, mohedese    2010-05-05
11    Analysis of trust in collective economic action: case study of trust among engaged actors in renewal programs of old urban textures around Holy Shrine in Mashhad city    Ph.D    Asgharpour Masuoleh, Ahmadreza    2010-09-11
12    Designing optimal (alternative) model for social education curriculum of middle school in Iran    Ph.D    Dehghani, Marzieh    2010-09-11
13    Evaluation of Mass Media Effects on Social Abnormalities of High School Students in Ardebil in 2010    M.Sc.    ,    2010-12-24
14    Sociological study of empowerment of women Headed households, focusing on social entrepreneurship approach; case study: municipality of Tehran headquarters of empowerment of women headed households in 2011-2012    Ph.D    kermani, mahdi    2011-04-25
15    Sociological Factors of academic motivation at Ferdowsi University of Mashhad students in the year 2010 – 2011    M.Sc.    pirzahi, abdoulkhalegh    2011-05-27
16    Women’s Attitude toward Gender Stereotypes and Effective Factors (Study’s Case : Neyshabur-1390)    M.Sc.    hosseiny, amene sadat    2011-06-27
17    Representation Of Ethnic Stereotypes In TV Series    M.Sc.    ,    2011-06-27
18    The Impact of The Clergy    Ph.D    saeedi, Masood    2011-12-06
19    Sociological analysis of the socialization process of fatherhood in fathers of families in Mashhad    M.Sc.    Massoudi, Hamid    2011-12-11
20    The child friendly cities and Happiness of children in Mashhad    M.Sc.    safavi moghadam, seyede maryam    2012-03-15
21    Reviewing academic quality assessment worksheets)scientific and research papers) and codificationappropriate worksheets based on the norms of science in the domain humanities    M.Sc.    afshari, masoume    2012-07-01
22    Women’s Attitude toward Gender Stereotypes and Effective Factors (Study’s Case : Neyshabur-1390)    M.Sc.    hosseiny, amene sadat    2012-09-20
23    critical discourse analysis of representaton of iranian identity in manoto tv    M.Sc.    ayazi, fatemeh sadat    2012-09-22
24    educational justice    M.Sc.    golmakani, parvin    2012-10-01
25    Factors affecting the vitality of urban residens    M.Sc.    SOLHDOUST, BEHNAZ    2012-12-10
26    Analysis of Rural Production Cooperative and its role on the sustainable agricultural development Case study: District of Naishabour, Khorasan Razavi Province    Ph.D    hadizadeh bazaz, maryam    2013-03-16
27    Mismatch between Academic Education and Alumni’s Occupation    M.Sc.    Farzaneh, Ahmad    2013-04-15
28    Effect of lifestyle Housewives of environmental degradation    M.Sc.    baradaran, simin    2013-04-15
29    Student’s intra and inter school relationships and field of study    M.Sc.    rikhtegar, atefe    2013-05-20
30    Effects of Implementing Third and Fourth Iranian Development Plans on Economic Disturbances (The Case of Theft in Khorasan Razavi Province)    Ph.D    danaee sij, majid    2013-06-23
31    Taxpayers` Tax evasion Of Value added Tax(VTA)System In Zanjan City and influencing factors on it    Ph.D    ojaghloo, kamal    2013-06-25
32    Investigating financial statements users views regarding effect of performing internal controls guideline on their level of trust    M.Sc.    golalizadeh, zahra    2013-10-01
33    Frequency and Orientation of Elements of Foreign Policy in the Social Science Textbooks of High School Period    M.Sc.    payesteh, dariush    2013-11-06
34    Investigating financial statements user’s opinion about the factors affecting their trust on auditors and their reports    M.Sc.    noferesti, farzaneh    2013-12-17
35    Decision process of coulpe about childbearing    M.Sc.    nematiyan, sareh    2014-02-10
36    Narrative study of cosmetic surgery in women    M.Sc.    Ehsani, Afsane    2014-02-10
37    Internet and online dating sites review marriage    M.Sc.    sobhani, farnaz    2014-02-10
38    Social and economicfactorsaffectingunderground economy(Case Study: the province of Sistanand Baluchestan select cities)    M.Sc.    rasouli, somaya    2014-03-11
39    Analysis The Effects of Targeted Subsidies on The Quality of Life of Rural Households ( The Case Study: Ahmadabad District of Mashhad)    M.Sc.    norollahi, effat    2014-03-17
40    Study on level and results of tendency to violence in rural boys between 15 to 30 that located in villages of Sabzevar city.    M.Sc.    matloobi, soheila sadat    2014-04-22
41    Habitus Analysis of Iranian Female Teachers of English, Arabic, and Persian Languages at Public Schools: A Mixed Methods Study    M.Sc.    khaleghi, shima    2014-06-11
42    investigating managers and auditors opinion about gender effect on auditors professional performance    M.Sc.    Arefnia, Behrooz    2014-07-09
43    The relationship between media consumption and luxury-oriented in women    M.Sc.    mohammadi, haniyeh    2014-09-22
44    New Year ritual in consumption and its influencing factors    M.Sc.    akbari, hassan    2014-09-22
45    A study of social and individual factors that influence addiction Afghan refugees residing in Iran.    M.Sc.    Mohammadi, Qasem    2014-11-17
46    Personal and socialfactorsindrug addictionin thecityJajarm93-94    M.Sc.    seyfi, elham    2014-11-17
47    description and analysis of organinizational knowledge network in ferdowsi univercity of mashhad    M.Sc.    ghafarian sokhanvar, zahra    2014-12-22
48    The effect of the new students orientation on students adapt to university    M.Sc.    sayyah, zohre    2015-01-14
49    the parental involvemend and educational achivement    M.Sc.    kordi, somayeh    2015-04-27
50    Educational Alienation and Educational Climate    M.Sc.    nazari khabbaz, hassan    2015-04-27
51    The Impact of ICT development on social identity changes in rural areas (A case study of Shandiz rural district, Binalud County)    M.Sc.    BATAGHVASARABI, HOMA    2015-06-16
52    The power distribution in the organizational network of Ferdowsi University of Mashhad    M.Sc.    ghasemi, zahra    2015-07-13
53    2- لاتین Explanation of entrepreneurial action with the approach and the aesthetic character of the organization ب- کلید واژهها:    Ph.D    hosseini, kamalaldin    2015-12-22
54    Science Production and Social Networks among University Teachers    Ph.D    Imanian-Ardabili, Massoud    2016-01-11
55    Sociological factors and strategies that impact on business ability habitus among members of incubator units and knowledge based companies at ferdowsi university of mashhad in 2016    Ph.D    miranvari, seyed alireza    2016-01-11
56    A sociological study of economic habitus    Ph.D    mohammadian khorasani, amir    2016-01-11
57    The sociological analysis of waqf and its impact on development in mashad    Ph.D    akbari, aboalfazl    2016-01-11
58    anomie in buisness and sociological factors (case : sabzevar city )    Ph.D    Delbari, Mohammad    2016-01-11
59    sport for all in women mashhad city    M.Sc.    GHEYS, SAEEDE    2016-02-22
60    Investigating the relationship between the rate and the use of virtual social networks (emphasis on telegram) on social isolation of students of Ferdowsi University of Mashhad.    M.Sc.    dastjerdy, samane    2016-02-29
61    Desingning an approprait curriculum for crisis conditions: A model for public educationof Iran    Ph.D    ghaderi, seyedali    2016-03-02
62    Network Analysis of Scientific Collaboration, Spatial Distribution of Knowledge and Job Information    M.Sc.    sadeghinezhad, mahsa    2016-04-18
63    The effect of job satisfaction and ethical approaches (relativism) of accountants and auditors on their orientation of Machiavellism    M.Sc.    barati, masome    2016-07-12
64    Analysis of Inefficiency challenges of educatin field to achieve development    Ph.D    Mohammadi, Fardin    2016-10-24
65    Study of The Social Relationships of Non-professional Investors in Stock Market    Ph.D    Moatamedi, Hamid    2016-10-26
66    Cultural Considerations in Policymaking of Educational Leadership in Iran    M.Sc.    soleimani, faeze    2016-11-14
67    The typology of tourists accommodation: Forecasting demand of low budget tourist accommodation in Mashhad    Ph.D    Ghahreman, Arash    2016-12-21
68    Sociological Explanation Environmental Crimes with an Emphasis on Market-oriented Approaches (Case study: Bird hunting and fishing in Fereydunkenar city)    Ph.D    mirtabar, Ahmad    2016-12-21
69    Sociological analysis of marriage industry in Mashhad    Ph.D    Massoudi, Hamid    2016-12-21
70    A Critical Discourse Analysis of the Third 2016 U.S Presidential Election Debate and its Persian Translations by van Dijk’s Socio-Cognitive Model    M.Sc.    Fadaei, Mehrdad    2017-01-15
71    Analysis of stigma in the Sadegh Hedayat’s stories according to the Erving Goffman‘s theory.    Ph.D    Setayesh Mehr, Atefeh    2017-02-19
72    Investigation of Important Influential Factors in the Delayed Age of Marriage Among the Ferdowsi University of Mashhad’s Students in the Years 2016-2017.    M.Sc.    piri, younes    2017-03-06
73    An evaluation of the impact of curriculum components on forming students economic Behavior adequate morale resistance economy    M.Sc.    Zafarmand, َAzadeh    2017-03-13
74    A study of women employment effectiveness process on family stability    Ph.D    khadivi, seddighe    2017-05-17
75    میزان رعایت هنجارهای علمی با تأکید بر سرقت علمی    M.Sc.    heydari charvadeh, sougand    2017-06-06
76    Sociological Study of Relationship Between Factors capital, Work Ethics and Job Performance (Case Study:Employees of Industrial Town Kalat of Mashhad)    Ph.D    khezri kalate molla moham, zahra    2017-07-01
77    The effect of socioeconomic factors on the pattern of consumption (culture) of Teachers in Tehran    Ph.D    javaheri kashani, mohamad ali    2017-10-23
78    Using Complex Learning Approach to Design and Evaluation of Instruction for Educating Media Literatur competency    M.Sc.    hoseinzadeh, azam    2017-12-24
79    Analysis of the socioal organization of vows and the posibility of an alternative organiation    M.Sc.    arabi, nasrin    2018-01-15
80    Translator associations in Iran: objectives and significances    M.Sc.    haghighat ziabari, seyede mona    2018-03-12
81    The status of Iranian freelance translators as perceived by themselves and salaried translators    M.Sc.    ebrahimi, banafshe    2018-03-12
82    Designing a Social Participation model for Policy Making in Islamic Republic of Iran Education    Ph.D    fazel, roghayyeh    2018-03-18
83    Randomized response models in sampling    M.Sc.    sadeghi, maryam    2018-05-05
84    Analysis of the capacities of the network of social relationships in the empowerment of residents of Informal Settlemen    M.Sc.    moosavi, javad    2018-05-26